Monday, November 10, 2008

Marriage should carry love, not the other way around

A Dutch minister said that nowadays too many people think marriage is there just for them. They think of marriage as a personal opportunity to grow. But marriage is there to take care of each other, not just yourself.

Love shouldn't carry a marriage, because then, when the love dwindles or gets lost for a while, there's no marriage! So it should be the other way around.

Marriage should carry love. Marriage is the foundation of the relationship, and when at times the love is dwindling, the house of marriage stays strong. And by staying faithful to each other love will once again blossom.

I gather great strength from this, because at times, when my husband is farting away it's sometimes hard to remember the love. But our bond of marriage is strong, and therefore our love too.


Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi nicole! i really love everything here. it's so comfortable. :)

my partner & I are going through our marriage course called CMPC. It's a course we'll need to attend before getting married. You can read all about us here. :)

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

thanks for the visit. i always tell myself that marriage is based on commitment, not feelings alone. that we have to make time if there is none and be true to our promise with no ifs or buts.

Nieman Family said...

THis is so,so TRUE!. Your blog is fabulous.

Sue said...

Through "good times and bad" right? Some people don't take marriage seriously but it is something that people shouldn't take lightly.


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