Monday, February 2, 2009

The second coming

I grew up in the country and visited a small local school. We read books about little boys called Lucifer who got away with stealing a cooky in chapter one, and were riddled with guilt for the rest of the book.

We started every day with a story from the bible and I listened mesmerized when that mean Delila betrayed Samson and made him get a really bad hair cut giving a whole new meaning to 'a bad hair day'. And how poor Eli broke his neck when he keeled over in his chair. From then on I made sure I didn't lean too far back!

On a gloomy day in January our teacher showed us a newspaper clipping picturing the the Shroud of Turin telling us about the promise of Jesus' return. I was all excited expecting Jesus back any day. Every day I looked at the sky to see if he was coming, and on beautiful sunny days, when the sky was a beautiful Teletubby blue I was sure: this is the day Jesus is coming back! In my mind I saw him descending on the same cloud he left on.

Now I'm almost forty years old, and sometimes I still scan the sky looking for Jesus, but I also feel a strong connection to spiritual christianity, the way it's described by Anneke Pokerman in her book 'Letting go of the church'.

Spiritual Christianity emphasises Jesus as a guide, helping us find our inner spirit, the Christ within us. And maybe the long awaited return of Jesus isn't far and away and everywhere all at once, but personal. He may be coming back to every person individually, when that person is able to recognize and meet him.


I am Harriet said...

Just dropping by to say hello!

Heresy Today said...

Always keep in mind though, that the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, as well as Father God's "General Revelation" is always a guide as well.

Most folks forget that what God reveals to us in a general manner has secrets hidden at every turn! :-)

Sandra Cobb said...

I haven't read that book (yet), but I certainly am intrigued. I believe she may be right, and I have felt that way for quite a while. Jesus came to show us the way. All my life, I have known somehow, that we are not "getting it" and felt that organized religion was hindering my personal spiritual development with its rules and judgements. Now I can see more clearly and while I do not attend regularly, I can still attend and worship with others who marvel at the glories of God. Excellent post.

Joys In Life said...

He will day soon. And when He comes, we shall know that He has arrived BUT we can never know when is that exact day He will come in the clouds of heavens.

Happy Week-end!

Lynne Campbell said...

I started a new meme “Friday Show and Tell-The Parent’s Editon”
I have todays post up and would love it is you could contribute.
God Bless all you do and those you touch with your blog.

Thanks Lynne

Adamgv said...

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