Monday, March 9, 2009

Meeting with God

It's been quite some time since I went to church. I suppose the last time was on Christmas Eve. That's quite some time, and I wonder: is that a bad thing? Can you be a good Christian but seldomly go to church? And what about the church: doesn't it mean they're doing something wrong that it's so hard to get people to come?

With me, it's just that life gets in the way. During the week I'm so busy getting up early and getting the kids to school. When the weekend comes all I want to do is, well, nothing.

Lately, Sunday morning has become the morning when I go out for a long run. Because my husband is home I finally have the opportunity, and I often feel that during my runs I catch glimpses of God in the beautiful nature that surrounds me. In the songs of the birds and the friendly people that greet me.

So maybe you don't have to go to church to think about God or meet him. Perhaps you can meet him everywhere.


Modern Mom said...

I'm not a regular churchgoer too. But for me, as long as you're not doing something bad and you're following his words, that's alright.

In my opinion, not attending mass regularly doesn't mean you're a bad person.

Stacie said...

not a church person either, and I agree, God is everywhere...

Tina said...

i dont think its a bad thing. as long as you still beleive, god will always be with you. dont worry yourself too much

Julie said...

Hi there!

Because your such a good blogger and for being a dedicated visitor and reader to my blog I am awarding you with the friendship award!

You can come pick it up at my blog.

Happy blogging and thanks again for visiting!

God Bless~

Julie :)

Julia said...

I share your feelings exactly. I take my kids into nature and the environment and feel like that is religious and uplifting and exciting showing them life in the natural world. The outdoors are our church. I have been thinking how to address the issue of formal church with my kids but cant reconcile anything yet.

Miranda said...

I'm gonna go againest the flow a litte. I too agree God is everywhere, just because you go to church certainly doesn't make you a good person, nor does not going make you a bad one. Realizing that God is teaching us lessons and showing us His love and grace in the mundane things in life is awesome to me as well. Personally, when I take a walk and enjoy nature, it's ME enjoying some alone time with MYSELF.
I just think maintaining a relationship based on that alone is very onesided. God loves us, He wants us to have a relationship with Him. Going to church can be one important way to grow our relationship with Him. I find it encouraging, motivating and sometimes, painfully convicting to hear the Word at church. It is really important "Do not forsake the assembling together of yourselves." - Hebrews 10:25
I agree, perhaps if you aren't desiring to go, maybe your aren't being fed and growing.
Haivng a relationship isn't about the have-to's and can-not's. It's about finding our purpose and being completed by the One who made us and knows us. One day we will see Him face to face. If you feel your relationship is thriving to it's fullest, keep doing what you're diong. I hope to be encouraging and not condemning at all!! Hope you don't mind my random comment!

Whitney Child0fGod said...
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Whitney Child0fGod said...

Oh God bless you beloved. I pray the Lord's precious will over your life. Stay strong, seek God-- as you are. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you even the more. I thank God for the humbling of your heart. Our Lord Jesus will bless you. For He is worthy.

I love you with the love of Christ, new sis.


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