Friday, April 3, 2009

The mom's mite

Many a night, when the kids are all tucked in, and are finally, and mercifully silent, I start worrying that I wasn't a good enough mom that day. That I didn't give them all the attention they deserve, that I wasn't there for them enough.

It's an awful feeling of not quite measuring up. And the thing is: I really, réally want to do a good job as a mom and I feel as if I'm giving it all I've got, but it's never quite enough.

Then today, I thought of the story of the widow's mite: she gave all she had, and it was enough.

So now I'm trying to give myself a break: I give all I have to give, therefore I give enough.


MoodyMommy said...

What a GREAT post!! I think we all as mothers feel that our 100% is not enough. There are nights that I have laid in bed and wondered if I read enough books to them for the day, did I snap to quickly...we all have our self doubts...You just have to know that at the end of the day did you love them...Yes, of course, then you are enough, no one can love your child the way you can!!

Stacie said...

Wonderful post. I think there are are always those days when we question if we have done enough for our family. Did we speak too harshly? Did we spend more time tidying the house versus playing with our children? Those self doubts can creep up on us pretty quickly. And, the next time I feel that way, I will remember your post and know, "That I am enough".


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