Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Friday

On Good Friday my eldest daughter came home from school looking a bit green around the gills and told me they'd watched a movie of Jesus Christ and his crucifixion. My mind immediately leaped to the conclusion she'd been exposed to Mel Gibson's gruesome The Passion of the Christ.
'The teacher said everyone has to see this movie once!' she explained.
I gave her a nice cup of tea with lots of extra sugar.

I'm happy to say I've reached the honorable age of thirtynine without having seen this gruesome movie. I was scared off by the promise of nails being slammed through legs and lots of splattering blood.

As a mom I would not expose my thirteen year old daughter to such horror. I think she's too young, so I was quite angry that some teacher had taken it upon herself to expose my little girl to this movie. And I decided to speak to the teacher about it and give her a piece of my mind!

Uh-oh.. A couple of days later however, it turned out it was my imagination that was out of line, not the teacher. When I talked to my daughter some more, it turned out the movie wasn't so much The Passion of the Christ, as it was Jesus Christ Superstar! A much more innocent movie altogether!


Epiphany said...

I am glad they didn't show that to your 13 year old.

But I do think it is essential viewing for every adult Christian.

Easter is so sanitised these days with pleasant images of Jesus on the cross that we've forgotten just how he would have looked after he was beaten and whipped and walked so far in the dust with His cross, and then nailed up there.

Rachel said...

LOL - I've never seen Jesus Christ Superstar, but I have seen the Passion. And yes, it is very painful to watch, but I agree with the other commenter that it is very good for Christians to watch to get a smidge of the unbelievable sacrifice made for us. No, I wouldn't let my 13 year old see it, but it is definitely worth the sacrifice of my discomfort to better understand Christ's infinitely greater sacrifice.


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