Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The second day of Easter

I felt a bit strange, not going to church at all on Easter, so I surfed the internet and found a service the second day of Easter. It was even a youth service, which is always a good thing I think, since they usually cut down on the amount of swollen language and old fashioned words like 'hence' and 'hear ye, hear ye!'

I loaded up the car with my kids and off to church we went. As the choir sang I felt decidly weepy, it was so beautiful. But soon I felt weepy again, but this time because of the kids. Even though it was a youth service it was quite long and there was lots of complicated language. So after about an hour the kids started fidgeting, and pushing each other, and I was hissing for them to be quiet. I couldn't enjoy the beautiful songs and music any more and I too, started longing for the service to end.

Then my son Ot leaned towards me and whispered in a sweet voice: 'You know what mummy? Going to church is even less fun than cleaning up my room.'

So there you have it. Something good came out of it after all.

Thank you God, for giving my son a whole new motivation to clean his room.



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